8. The Underground Sound; a Soundwalk at Prospect Park

Still image from Prospect Park of The Underground Sound: A Soundwalk. Courtesy of Nikki Lindt.

Located at Prospect Park is The Underground Sound; a Soundwalk, an interactive public art installation by Nikki Lindt presented in partnership with the Prospect Park Alliance, NYC Parks, USDA Forest Service, and The Nature of Cities. The Underground Sound; a Soundwalk is based around a series of underground acoustic recordings accessible via a QR code at designated locations along a wooded trail starting near Dog Beach. While listening to each recording, visitors will come across various features of the park’s natural landscape such as a stream, maple tree, and forest floor wildflowers. The installation will be up for listeners to enjoy through May 2023.

As David Maddox, Executive Director of the Nature of Cities and Partner in the Urban Field Station Collaborative Arts Program stated, “Rumbling in the soil of subways passing and snowflakes crashing to earth; the sound of sap flowing inside tree trunks. Nikki Lindt asks us to listen differently as she explores sounds from unexpected places. These sounds lead us to perceive our environments in new ways, both evocative and surprising.”