6. The Lotte New York Palace serves $250 cocktails in The Gold Room

The Gold Room at the Lotte Palace Hotel.

Before the hotel opened, the Gold Room served as a locus for religious services overseen by the archdiocese, but when Roth first saw the room, he thought it would be the “perfect place for cocktails.” Today, guests can order from the new “Art of the Martini” cocktail menu in the Villard Mansion.

”The menu’s featured martini, “The Reserve,” is the most expensive item on the menu at $250. The martini is made with saffron containing Nolet’s Reserve Gin, which retails for $700 a bottle. The menu also alludes to the hotel’s South Korean ties with its Seoul-ful cocktail featuring Golden Barley Soju. The new menu is meant to welcome the return of New York nightlife while transporting patrons to the Gilded Age as they sip cocktails surrounded by original architecture from the early 1880s.