9. Parts of the Lower Montauk Branch

An abandoned section of the Lower Montauk Branch.

Though the Montauk Branch still runs today, the Lower Montauk portion in Queens includes multiple abandoned stations. The branch still operates non-stop trains between Jamaica and Long Island City, but there are many defunct stations that have preserved this history. The Lower Montauk Branch originally had nine stations, though by 1940, four had closed. In March 1998, the remaining five had closed, including Richmond Hill, Glendale, Fresh Pond, Haberman, and Penny Bridge, because of low ridership and new coach cars that were incompatible with the platforms.

The Richmond Hill station, with its canopy and tracks, still remains and is located on a massive concrete viaduct. The other stations show plenty of wear and tear, including some abandoned structures covered with graffiti. The Department of Transportation has considered repurposing the Lower Montauk Branch for rapid transit operations or light rail service, though little work has been done and the stations will likely remain abandoned for some time.