3. The LOMEX That Never Was

LOMEX-Lower Manhattan Expressway-Robert Moses-NYC
Map of the proposed LOMEX. Courtesy of Library of Congress.

Robert Moses touched just about every inch of infrastructure in New York City during the mid-20th century, including the Harlem Tunnel. One of his most controversial plots was the plan for the Lower Manhattan Expressway or, LOMEX. The plan would connect the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge to the Holland Tunnel via SoHo and Little Italy

The plan, as pictured above would merge traffic via a highway over Soho that would continue into the Holland Tunnel to get to Jersey. This plan was defeated by widespread community action against it led most prominently by his nemesis, Jane Jacobs. The $72 million dollar project would have razed fourteen blocks of SoHo and displaced approximately 2,000 households and 800 local businesses.