4. The New York Post was Founded on Gracie’s Front Porch

Gracie Mansion's porch and greenery.
Gracie Mansion’s porch and greenery.

In 1801, Archibald Gracie and Alexander Hamilton were good friends and business partners. That year, Gracie hosted a meeting on his porch led by Hamilton and attended by members of the Federalist Party. The result of this meeting was the establishment of the New-York Evening Post, known simply today as the New York Post.

Consequently, not only did Alexander Hamilton found our nation’s first bank, but he also founded one of New York City’s oldest newspapers. Along with the current New York Post, vestiges of The New York Evening Post can be found in New York City in the publication’s old headquarters. One of these headquarters is the Art Nouveau style building at 20 Vesey Street, which the newspaper built in 1907. Though the publication is no longer headquartered in that building, remnants of its past there include the letters “EP” in the railings below the top floor and statues by Mount Rushmore creator Gutzon Borglum that provide symbolic references to printing and communications.