3. The Bitter End

The Bitter End, an iconic rock n' roll site
The exterior of The Bitter End.

Labeling itself “the oldest rock and roll club in New York City,” The Bitter End is a live music venue founded in 1961 in Greenwich Village. Other than albums by artists such as Randy Newman and the Isley Brothers being recorded live in the venue, The Bitter End has hosted artists including Joni Mitchell, Woody Allen, Tom Paxton, and George Carlin. The club has built a name for itself as a hotspot for good music — especially good rock music.

However, for many notable rockstars, The Bitter End was a place for more than just enjoying a masterful performance. New York Groove reveals, “Kris Kristofferson told the New York Times that The Bitter End was a place where ‘people like me and Bob Dylan didn’t just perform, we came to hang out.'” With other rock musicians hanging around, The Bitter End patrons could play around with sounds and melodies while sipping on house-made cocktails.