6. Music Inn

The Music Inn
The Music Inn exterior shows a hint of the musical mayhem that awaits inside.

The Music Inn, a small music store opened by Jerry Halpern in 1958, benefitted from the proximity of a handful of rock n’ roll icons. Throughout the 1960s, big names in the rock world, including John Sebastian, Paul Simon, Cyndi Lauper, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Bob Dylan lived down the street from the music store. Consequently, the Music Inn became their first stop for musical instrument and records needs.

By the time Jeff Slatnick began working at the store in the 1960s, the store became what it is known for today: a treasure trove of instruments. Due to Slatnick’s obsession with the instruments of the world, every musical instrument you can imagine packs the two-story shop from floor to ceiling. If you walk into the store today, you will likely see Music Inn staff jamming with each other and any customers who desire to join.