9. Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall
The exterior of Radio City Music Hall in the evening.

Few know that the creators of Radio City Music Hall envisioned the venue as an opera house. However, the space has changed purposes throughout the decades from a concert hall, to a movie theater, to a venue for awards shows, and back again. Radio City Music Hall‘s unique Art Deco design, uncommon for a theater of its time, and its iconic neon facade have become a symbol of New York to rival the Empire State Building or Times Square.

The year 1972 marked the first rock n’ roll concert at Radio City Music Hall. Since Todd Rundgren, Billy Preston, McKendree Spring, and more performed at this fateful performance, a slew of notable stars has graced the venue’s stage. Most notably, Bob Dylan, Madonna, U2, Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, and Men at Work have performed at Radio City Music Hall over the years.