2. An amusement park once existed on the site of Alley Pond Park

A man golfing at the golf course that stands at the site of Kiddy City.
A man golfing at the golf course from Kiddy Land that still stands.

Though most of it has since been destroyed, Kiddy City was an amusement park on the site of Alley Pond Park spanning 25 acres. In fact, it was the third largest amusement park in New York City when it opened in 1954. The park, located on Northern Boulevard and 230th Street, included 24 rides, a batting cage, an arcade, and an archery range. It also included a 19-hole mini golf course called Golfland and a popular wooden roller coaster called The Comet Jr., followed by a steel roller coaster added a few years later.

Kiddy City thrived until a fire destroyed the adjoining Treasure Island Restaurant & Arcade in 1964. Most of the rides and amenities in the actual amusement park were not damaged, though the owners were forced to sell the rides due to a major loss in revenue from the restaurant. Kiddy City officially closed down that year because the owners could not pay the insurance fees, and the remnants of the park were later removed. Though, some rides continued to operate independently for a few more years. After the park closed, construction was soon underway on Alley Pond Park, and the golf center still remains in operation near the site.