3. The “Regatta Murder” took place in Bayside

A portion of Bayside's harbor.
A portion of Bayside’s harbor.

Peter Hains was a U.S. Army Captain whose brother was the novelist Thornton Jenkins Hains. He failed to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy, but later became an Army captain in 1902. Just six years later, though, Peter Hains gunned down magazine editor and Harper’s contributor William Annis at a yacht club in Bayside, The crime was nicknamed the “Murder at the Regatta.” Peter Hains was convicted of manslaughter and was handed an eight-year sentence. He later received a pardon from the governor, and his brother was acquitted after pleading temporary insanity.

The murder was carried out because Hains feared that his wife had an affair with Annis. At the time, Hains was actually allowed to stay in the military even after a murder, though he resigned from the Army in 1911 following a new Congressional act that would dismiss people from the Army who broke the law. The trial was one of the most talked-about stories of that year across the country, making front-page headlines nationwide. The trial took place at the Flushing County Courthouse.