2. Changing Spaces at Rockefeller Center

Changing Spaces
Changing Spaces. Courtesy of Tishman Speyer.

Through September 9, visitors to Rockefeller Center can experience visual artist Jeppe Hein’s interactive public art installation Changing Spaces. Based in Berlin and Copenhagen, Hein creates sculptures and installations that incorporate humous elements with 1970s traditions of minimalism and conceptual art. Through his art, Hein seeks to engage his viewers, most often through works that bridge the gap between art, architecture, and technology. Over the years, his work has been showcased at the Center Pompidou, the Saatchi Gallery, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Described by Hein as a social sculpture and “liquid architecture,” Changing Spaces inspires direct interaction with the artwork and its local surroundings. The sculpture features four circles with enclosing circles of water shooting up from the ground. Rising and falling in random intervals, the water walls also merge with one another creating spaces for viewers to move within that are continually changing shape and appearance. Engaging for children and adults alike, Changing Spaces brings an amusing activity to one of New York City’s most historic and quintessential destinations.