8. Faces of Harlem at Morningside Park

Faces of Harlem
“Holy The Harlem Faces” by Nuria Mendoza, a series of photos of Harlem resident Jilien featured in Faces of Harlem. Installation photo by Sade Boyew El.

Faces of Harlem, a public art and photography-focused non-profit founded by Sade Boyewa El, is presenting the second edition of its outdoor photography exhibition of the same name in Morningside Park. Co-curated by Sade Boyewa El and Heryte Tefery Tequame, the installation showcases work by ten contemporary photographers; Khalik Allah, Sade Boyewa El, Jessica Dunston, CJ Hart, Nuria Mendoza, Ashley Peña, Fela Raymond, Xavier Scott Marshall, Nolan Trowe, Joshua Woods and three youth photographers.

By documenting Harlemites in their intimate spaces, the exhibited photographs give viewers a deeper look into family life, creativity, faith, relationships, and love within the Harlem community. Faces of Harlem will be on view until November 30, 2022.

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