3. The center has a series of secret rooftop gardens

The view of St. Patrick's Cathedral from Rockefeller Center's secret rooftop garden.
The view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral from Rockefeller Center’s secret rooftop garden.

Rockefeller Center’s rooftop garden is so exclusive that tour guides are not allowed to take tenants to enjoy the view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and more from the cultural center’s perfectly manicured rooftop. Though the original garden is rumored to have once hosted koi fish swimming in ponds, Rockefeller Center recently opened a new rooftop garden called Radio Park. Both parks now exist, with one on top of Radio City Music Hall and another located at 620 Loft and Gallery, part of 620 5th Avenue.

Accessible only to Rockefeller Center employees, tenants, and their guests, Radio Park stretches half an acre and boasts views of the city stretching above Rockefeller Plaza. The creators of the garden hope that it serves as a space where employees of different companies based in Rockefeller Center can meet to socialize, destress, and enjoy a variety of “garden rooms,” which host different natural environments.