10. Bleecker Street Subway Platform

the abandoned bleecker street subway stations
You can see the abandoned Bleecker Street subway station while riding the subway.

In 2012, renovations at the Bleecker Street subway stations — necessary to allow for transfers to the uptown 6, as it was previously only available for downtown 6 transfers — necessitated a southward shift in the subway platform as well as an extension northward that rendered part of the platform obsolete.

When departing on the 6 train, you can still see the old, unused platform and some old advertisements from the year it was abandoned. The 2012 renovation walled off the platform, and the mid-century green tiling along the platform has now mostly been covered over with graffiti. Though you can still see the platform if you look very carefully. The next time you find yourself rolling through north to Astor Place or south to Spring Street, be sure to keep an eye out for this abandoned station.

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