An abandoned building overcome by vegetation on North Brother Island.

The Bronx is rich with hallowed arts, sports, and wildlife institutions contributing to the borough’s intriguing history and culture. Many buildings and structures throughout The Bronx have fallen into disrepair and now lay abandoned in various stages of decay. These buildings, once bustling transportation hubs, government institutions, and military armories have since become shells of what they once were. While many of these spots seem destined to remain in the shadow of their former glory, others have received a chance at new life from projects to restore, revitalize, and largely re-imagine the areas they occupy. Here are 10 abandoned places to discover throughout The Bronx.

1. North Brother Island

North Brother Island
Among North Brother Island’s 25 abandoned buildings, birds create nests to rear their young.

North Brother Island, located 22 acres off the coast of the South Bronx, has been abandoned for more than 50 years. Once World War II veteran housing, a youth drug rehabilitation center, and a former quarantine facility that housed infected patients — including Typhoid Mary — North Brother Island is now in a state of decay and overcome by rampant vegetation. The island’s 25 buildings “pose a considerable threat to the island’s visitors,” according to NYC Parks.

Though the island was shut down in 1964, residents of The Bronx often travel to this area to party. The New York Police Department has cracked down on this practice as a result of an array of hazardous incidents. Though humans no longer occupy the island, it is home to many bird populations, such as gulls, herons, cormorants, and egrets. On North Brother Island, the birds can safely rear their young.