2. Teddy’s Bar & Grill (1887)

96 Berry Street, now home to Teddy’s Bar & Grill, is said to be the location of the oldest continuously operating bar in Brooklyn. It opened initially as an Irish tavern in 1887, operated by a local family, and then served as a tasting room for the Peter Doelger Brewery starting in the 1910s. There are original historical details of the bar that can still be seen including an original bar, tile flooring and woodwork, and an original stained glass window with the words “Peter Doelger Extra Beer.”

The location has changed owners a few times, with the latest handover in 2015. The current owners have been restoring and redecorating the historic bar. Today, you can find not only beers on tap, but also a pretty robust food menu that includes lobster dishes on weekends.