4. Hamilton Grange, 414 W 141st Street (1802)

 Hamilton Grange

Alexander Hamilton’s two-story home — named the Grange — was built in 1802, “The Grange” takes its name from Hamilton’s grandfather’s estate located in Ayrshire, Scotland. Hamilton commissioned McComb Jr. to build this 32-acre estate that sat on a hilltop, allowing for views of the Hudson and Harlem Rivers. This historic house is built in the Federalist style, as seen from its large windows and long piazzas on each side of the house.

The Hamilton house required 14.5 million dollars of renovation and has been relocated two times. In 1889, the house moved to Convent Avenue at 141st Street where it was used as a place to worship. In 1962 the house became a National Memorial and in 2008, the house was moved to the corner of the north end of St. Nicholas Park. The current location of the estate was part of the original Grange acreage and today free admission and tours of the estate are offered.