7. 412 East 85th St. Wooden Home (~1860)

412 East 85th St. Wooden Home

Located in Yorkville is a rare surviving three-story Italianate style wooden house of the pastoral era. The structure has a raised brick basement, a three-bay façade clad in capboard siding, a porch with a tall stoop, floor-length parlor windows, and a bracketed cornice. This home was built around 1860 just before Manhattan’s “fire limit” law in 1866. This law was extended north to 86th Street and consequently, this house is one of the last wood houses on the Upper East Side. When the home was built, this neighborhood was a wealthy rural area and became the home of many German immigrants during the late 19th century.

For 50 years, John Herbst and his family lived in this house, and they ran a monument shop inside. Despite having many owners, the house always maintained its character. Currently, the owners Catherine and Alfredo De Vido restored the house to maintain its history. The home is considered a landmark.