2. Fort Lee has one of the country’s largest Korean enclaves

Fort Lee, alongside nearby Palisades Park, has a large Korean enclave that began developing as early as the 1970s. In the 1990s, thousands of Korean immigrants settled in Fort Lee, including affluent professionals who opened up law firms and medical facilities. By 2000, there were well over 100 Korean-owned businesses in Fort Lee, many concentrated around Main Street. Per the 2010 census, the Korean American community of Bergen County was the highest per capita of any county in the United States.

Many foodies have written about how Fort Lee’s Koreatown may beat Manhattan or parts of Queens in terms of options and quality. Fort Lee is known for restaurants such as Sa Rit Gol, So Kong Dong, and Obaltan which all have Korean staples like tofu stews, barbecue galbi, and seafood soups. Other popular Korean restaurants in Fort Lee include Jip Bop Mrs. Baek, the recently opened JJ Dak, and Cho Dang House. There are a handful of Korean markets as well, including HanNam Mart and H Mart. Plenty of bookstores, clothing stores, banks, and education centers cater to the local Korean community as well.