2. Life Underground at 14th Street and 8th Avenue

Tom Otterness’s whimsical bronze sculptures can be found scattered throughout the 14th Street Subway station at 8th Avenue. Installed in 2000, the installation comprises 130 tiny figurines that can be spotted posing in various scenes of mischief, revelry, and work atop banisters and in corners within the station. Otterness told the MTA that his figures were inspired by the history of the subway, New York City’s urban myths, and New York society. Visitors can see these themes exemplified in the diversity of the statues who take the form of a giant sewer alligator, police officer, robber baron, and more.

Due to the large amount and immense variation of the Otterness sculptures, there are many ways to interact them — half the fun is finding them. As you find each sculpture, you can stand atop a giant pair of feet flanked by a cartoonish elephant and giraffe, have a seat next to a figurine clutching a bag of money, or rub the money bag-shaped head of the figure in the middle of the stairway for some financial luck (then promptly wash your hands!).