3. Woolworth Building Basement Entrance

Woolworth Building-Basement-Subway Entrances-NYC_1

A forgotten entrance to the now-abandoned City Hall Station can be found in the Woolworth Building basement. In the bike room, two large wooden doors mark the entrance to a corridor that Woolworth Building tour guide Jason Crowley says is a “passageway under Broadway to the BMT and IRT subways. The BMT is now the City Hall R stop and the IRT is the now-closed off City Hall stop where the 6 turns around.” The private subway entrance was one of the many amenities the 1913 Woolworth Building offered its tenants. Crowley says that the passageway has since been completely filled in.

Another, smaller, set of doors in the bike hall once led to a passageway under Park Place to the 2/3 stop. Crowley says you can still see the remnants of the entryway in the subway station as well. “If you are in that station where the turnstiles are you can still see the former entrance to the passage with metal bars blocking it,” Crowley notes.