2. Middle Ghost at MoMA PS1 Public Plaza

Middle Ghost by Jumana Manna.  public art october 2022
Middle Ghost by Jumana Manna. Photo by Steven Paneccasio. Courtesy of MoMA PS1.

Through April 17, 2023, Jumana Manna’s sculpture Middle Ghost will be on display inside the MoMA PS1 public plaza. Middle Ghost is part of Jumana Manna’s larger exhibition, Break, Take, Erase, Tally, the artist’s first major exhibition in the United States, which is on view at MoMA PS1. Manna drew inspiration from the form of the Khabya, a once-common structure for grain storage in rural homes across the Levant.

While the Khabyas and silos of Lebanon have slowly disappeared following the rise of colonial capital and modernity, Manna’s depiction in Middle Ghost presents these ruined structures in a whimsical and soothing manner. Traditional in nature, Manna’s interpretation of the Khabyas is playful, while staying true to what has persisted into the present.