1. Private Subway Cars

private subway cars

August Belmont Jr. Belmont Jr., the founder of the Belmont Park racetrack and President of the Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT), the company that ran New York City’s first subway line, rode the rails in his own private car. Named The Mineola, Belmont’s custom-made car was decked out with wood paneling, Tiffany glass panels, a kitchen galley, an employee call system, a toilet, electrical heating, a roll-top desk, and a resting area. There were also convenient touches like match strikers placed throughout the car. Belmont and his guests would travel from the Hotel Belmont to his racetrack via a private track from Grand Central Terminal, and an agreement with the Long Island Railroad allowed Belmont to make transfers at Atlantic Yards to continue on to any destination along the Eastern seaboard. The Mineola is currently housed at the Shoreline Trolley Museum in Connecticut and is awaiting restoration.

A private subway car is the ultimate in commuter luxury. Untapped Cities’ private subway car would have the basic comforts Belmont had in his car like a clean bathroom, comfy seats, and a well-stocked kitchen, but we would also add some modern-day must-haves like a strong Wi-Fi connection, a pull-out bed for longer trips, and a bookshelf to share our latest reads.

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