10. Crypt of St Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue

Entrance to the crypt at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue.
Entrance to the crypt of St. Patrick Cathedral crypt

A pair of copper doors, just below the altar, lead to the crypt at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth avenue. The crypt, which is rarely opened to the public, is small and has a “black, speckled floor, light gray marble and fluorescent lighting… [and a] gold prie-dieu, or kneeling prayer desk,” according to The New York Times. The crypt is home to many of New York City’s former Archbishops and Cardinals, including John Cardinal O’Connor and Edward Cardinal Egan. Additionally, Pierre Toussaint, a former slave and philanthropist, is buried in the crypt. Toussaint was originally buried at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral. When Pope John Paul II declared Toussaint to be Venerable, a step towards possible canonization, Toussaint was reinterred at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

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