5. New York City Marble CEmetery Vaults

Two men lounge in the grass at New York City Marble Cemetery

Just a block away from New York Marble Cemetery you’ll find New York City Marble Cemetery. The similarly name cemeteries were created by the same developer in the 19th-century but have no connection today. They do however share other similarities. Like New York Marble Cemetery, this cemetery also has interments buried in marble vaults beneath the ground, again due to fear of disease. To get into the vaults, an authorized visitor would lift up the square stone marking the grave and descend via ladder to the vault below.

What sets this cemetery apart from its near neighbor is its size. There are estimated to be over four thousand bodies buried here, including some interesting characters. One notable resident is a man named Preserved fish. Founding Father and 5th U.S. President, James Monroe was interred here for a few years, before being removed to his native Virginia. The cemetery is generally closed to the public, but you may get lucky and gain access during a rare special event.