For a decade, Patrick Bringley’s job was to keep a watchful eye on the priceless treasures housed within New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. As a museum guard, Bringley quietly patrolled the museum’s two-million-square-feet of exhibition space and off-limits backstage areas. Throughout his time at the Met, Bringley discovered an unseen world of fascinating art, interesting characters, and untold secrets. Now, as the leader of Untapped New York’s brand-new Secrets of the Met Museum tour, Bringley is sharing his behind-the-scenes stories with you! You can grab your tickets now to join Bringley on the first Secrets of the Met Museum tour on Saturday, November 5th.

Grand entrance to the Met museum

Secrets of the Met Museum

Tour guide Patrick Bringley points to architectural features of the Met in front of a group of tourgoers.

Ahead of the release of his captivating memoir, All the Beauty in the World, forthcoming from Simon & Schuster, Bringley is letting tour-goers in on his secrets. On this unique walking tour, you will explore the iconic and world-renowned Met museum from the perspective of someone with intimate and first-hand knowledge of its inner workings. As you stop to observe different objects in the Museum’s collection, you’ll be regaled with insider stories and lesser-know facts. Highlights of this tour include a once-stolen Greek statue, the tooth of Mary Magdalen, and more!

The entrance to the Temple of Dendur at the Met.

Whether you are a devoted museum member or are visiting the Met for the first time, whether you’re a history buff or an art lover, you are sure to learn, see, and experience something new and extraordinary on this brand-new tour. Grab your ticket now for the first tour running on Saturday, November 5th before it fills up! Tickets are on sale now for tours through December.

Patrick Bringley points out features of a painting at the Met

Secrets of the Met Museum

Check out more photos from the tour below:

  • The Chinese Garden at the Met museum
  • A group of tourgoers on the Met museum tour!
  • A sunlit gallery in the Met
  • Patrick Bringley sketches a scene from the Met in a notepad
  • An ornate staircase in the Met
  • An overhead view of statues in the Met
  • Tour guide Patrick Bringley points to paintings in the Met
  • A sunlit overhead view of a corridor in the Met

Secrets of the Met Museum Tour

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