3. Underground Subway Tour

Pieces of Mary Miss' art installation inside the 14th Street Union Square subway station.

Travel below the streets of New York City for an eye-opening exploration of the subway system! On Saturday, October 29th, follow one of Untapped New York’s expert guides underground to uncover secret stories of the subway’s past. As you snake your way through the system, you’ll learn of Alfred Ely Beach’s mythical Pneumatic Transit System, discover an art installation hidden in plain sight at the Union Square station, and travel through subway stops both past and present to see how the subway has evolved over the past 100+ years.

Justin Rivers, Untapped New York Tour Guide, on an Underground Tour of the NYC Subway

NYC Underground Subway Tour

Finally, you’ll use the 6 train as your own time machine. Riding past the end of the line, you’ll find yourself passing through City Hall Park station, the birthplace of the subway system and a stop that has been abandoned for more than 75 years.