The stunning and often hidden architecture of Guastavino is the masterful work of a pair of New York City’s most under-appreciated, yet prolific, engineers. The father and son team of Rafael Guastavino, Sr. and Rafael Guastavino, Jr. incorporated their tile arch system into dozens of buildings across the five boroughs including New York City’s most iconic landmarks such as Grand Central TerminalCity Hall Station, and the Queensboro Bridge.

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Oyster Bar in Grand Central with Guastavino arches

Hidden Gems of Guastavino’s NYC

On this Insiders-only tour, you’ll uncover hidden-in-plain-sight gems crafted by the Guastavinos, and learn what made their work so visually and structurally breathtaking. As you travel throughout Manhattan, your guide will reveal works by Guastavino that otherwise go largely unnoticed. For example, many people might be able to recognize Guastavino’s work in the famous Oyster Bar and Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Terminal, but this tour will bring you to a hidden vault nearby that most people don’t know about.

A group of tour guests look up at Guastavino tiles at the entrance to a subway station.

Other highlights of the tour include “the Cathedral,” a stunning space built into a bridge, and a walk through the only Guastivino vehicular tunnel. Finally, guests on this architecture of Guastavino tour will also get an exclusive look into Guatavinos’ most coveted New York construction, a space closed off to all except those who know the secret way in!

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Guastavino's event space

Hidden Gems of Guastavino’s NYC

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