3. Breathing Without Fear at Marcus Garvey Park

A brown ceramic sculpture of two intertwining figures at Marcus Garvey Park
Breathing Without Fear by Reuben Sinha. Photo by Cynthia Reed.

Many art installations you’ll see this November debuted in late October, including artist Reuben Sinha’s ceramic sculpture Breathing Without Fear in Marcus Garvey Park. In 2004, Sinha founded artHARLEM Inc., a community non-profit organization known for managing the Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour, to bring recognition to Harlem’s underrepresented artists. Throughout his artwork, Sinha draws from his immigrant identity and experiences living within racially marginalized New York City communities.

This emphasis on community can be seen in Breathing Without Fear which depicts two figures becoming one as they enjoy a local park in a post-pandemic world. Taking the structure of ancient rock formations, the sculpture can also be interpreted as two figures enjoying a moment of connection in the aftermath of a prolonged period of separation brought about by the pandemic. While abstract in nature, the sculpture’s figures are meant to represent everybody. Visitors to Marcus Garvey Park can find the sculpture on the oval lawn at Madison Avenue and 121st Street in East Harlem.