4. Midnight Moment at Times Square

A white, starlike kaleidoscopic rendering from Midnight Moments
Video still from MENDED by Zoë Buckman. Courtesy of Cultural Counsel.

Times Square Arts presents a new edition of its monthly art installation Midnight Moments this November. The next iteration of its features a series of kaleidoscopic imagery titled MENDED. Created by artist Zoë Buckman, MENDED was adapted from work originally created for Loss Tapes, a collaborative digital series in which Buckman explored grief, power, and the female experience.

MENDED expresses the duality of tenderness and strength through the juxtaposition of images of pink handsewn petals and chain links and vintage linens stitched into boxing gloves. In her construction of the video, Buckman took a feminist approach to her exploration of identity, trauma, grief, and empowerment, weaving together imagery and motifs ranging from domestic textiles to metal chains. From start to finish, the three-minute video swings from chaos to focused introspection mirroring the stages of grief.