Architect Richard Roth Jr. left an indelible mark on New York City, not just through his work as head of the prominent family-run architecture firm of Emery Roth & Sons, but also through the relationships he forged with New Yorkers who had the pleasure of knowing him. Over the past few years, Roth Jr. became a beloved figure in the Untapped New York Insider community. He graciously treated members to in-depth talks about his firm’s work on iconic structures like the Pan Am Building and World Trade Center, and frequently popped in on events to pepper in his own intriguing anecdotes. Untapped New York will honor Richard Roth Jr.’s contributions to New York City at large and the Untapped community with a special Insiders roundtable this November.

On Wednesday, November 30th, join Untapped New York Insiders for a virtual Insider Roundtable: Remembering Richard Roth Jr.. This event is free for Untapped New York Insiders.

Architect Richard Roth Jr. smiles towards the side of the camera while holding a handful of pencils to his face

Remembering Richard Roth Jr.

Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers will begin the roundtable with a short retrospective on Roth Jr.’s work. Justin had the opportunity to sit down with Roth Jr. on multiple occasions to speak about some of his most exciting projects and influential collaborators. These exclusive interviews, which cover topics from the hotels of Emery Roth & Sons to the legacy of developer Melvyn Kaufman, can be viewed in the Untapped New York Insiders On-Demand Archives.

During the roundtable, Justin will share never-before-seen clips that didn’t make it into the original interview presentations. After taking a look back on Roth’s work, Insiders will have the opportunity to share their own personal stories and celebrations.

Richard Roth Jr on the telephone in his office

Throughout his 40-year career, Roth Jr.’s firm worked on buildings and skyscrapers throughout New York City and New York State including 55 Water Street, 17 State Street, the Palace Hotel, the Park Lane Hotel, the General Motors building, and many more. Once retired, he continued to share his passion for architecture by leading talks for organizations such as the Pan Am Museum, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, and of course, Untapped New York. Join Untapped New York in honoring his legacy this month!

Richard Roth Jr. stands in front of a background of the NYC skyline

Remembering Richard Roth Jr.

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