10. You Can Rent the Temple of Dendur for Events

A wide view of the formerly named Sackler Wing where the Temple of Dendur stands.

If you’re looking to through a lavish party, the Temple of Dendur could serve as the venue. Like many other areas of the Met, the Temple is available to rent. A party for you and up to 800 of your closest friends will start at $40,000. The space is available for dinners or receptions after hours when the museum is closed to the public.

Another way into a party at the Temple of Dendur is to snag an invitation to the annual Met Gala. Performances by celebrities like Cher and Justin Beiber have taken place in the shadow of the ancient structure. The Temple has also been the site of a Chanel fashion show and many other social events.

Join Patrick Bringley, former museum guard and author of All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me for a tour of the Secrets of the Met Museum!

Tour guide Patrick Bringley points to architectural features of the Met in front of a group of tourgoers.

Secrets of the Met Museum Tour

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This article was originally written by Vera Penavic and updated by Nicole Saraniero