3. Cranksgiving

A man in a turkey costume celebrates with a crowd of people at Cranksgiving, one of many Thanksgiving events in NYC
Image Courtesy of Cranksgiving

Cranksgiving is a part bike ride, part food drive, and part scavenger hunt event that takes place every year in the city. The concept of Cranksgiving is simple—you show up, grab a map, figure out the best route, and start when they say “go”! The organizers of Cranksgiving essentially create a master list of items requested by local charities and places to buy them. These items are broken down into individual “manifests” that volunteers grab. The idea is to ride to a grocery store, buy food/items, and take them to the designated charity centers—thus helping hundreds of families have food on their tables during the week of Thanksgiving.

Cranksgiving events are locally organized and you can find one in your area on this map. This year there a re three Cranksgiving organizers in New York City, one in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan, and one in Queens. Each local event is a little different, and you may be able to compete for a prize!