1. Record Snowstorm Winds Puncture Snoopy and Bugs Bunny, 1989

Snoopy Balloon at the Macy's thanksgiving Day Parade
Snoopy in 1968. Photograph Courtesy of Macy’s, Inc.

Nature is an unpredictable force that can have a major effect on the Thanksgiving Day Parade. A little before the 1989 parade, intense winds from a snowstorm came into the area. The inclement weather caused Snoopy’s nose to puncture and Bugs Bunny’s side to tear. The Daily News reported that this was the first Thanksgiving snowstorm in 51 years, and the parade itself had a “light to medium turnout.”

Characters including Might Mouse, Superman, Raggedy Ann, Spider-Man, Ronald McDonald and others have all fallen victim to a sharp lampost, protruding tree branch, or a strong gust of wind. All of the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon mishaps however have thankfully led to regulations and safety procedures that help to limit the potential injuries and damage that the balloons can cause, so everyone can make it safely to the dinner table for some turkey.

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