5. Kermit the Frog’s Head Tears, 1991

Kermit the frog balloon Balloon at the Macy's thanksgiving Day Parade in 1977
Kermit the frog balloon in 1977, Image via Macy’s Parade Archives

Many were sad to see this much-loved character catch onto some high branches during the parade at Central Park West. The snag cause Kermit’s head to tear. Despite this Thanksgiving Day parade balloon mishap, the crowd remained enthusiastic and cheered the balloon on as the crew continued carrying the 1000-pound balloon toward Herald Square.

Unfortunately for Kermit, this wasn’t the first time his parade was ruined. Kermit encountered trees in 1985, but was able to make it to the end of the route before completely deflating. Shortly after the 191 incident, Kermit was temporarily retired. A tree-resistant Kermit debuted in 2002.