15. The Montauk Club (1889)

Montauk Club, one of Brooklyn's private clubs

The Montauk Club was founded in Park Slope in 1889, reflecting the move of New York City’s influence to Brooklyn. The Venetian Gothic building designed by Francis H. Kimball marks a unique architectural style, compared to the Neoclassical inspiration of many of the other private clubs in New York. The Montauk Club also differed from other private clubs in its more “tolerant” acceptance standards. While the club was originally founded as a men’s club for just White males of a “certain social standing,” according to the Club’s website, it allowed Protestants, Catholics, and Jews, as well as both Democrats and Republicans alike. This broad acceptance was considered radical at the time!

Tour the Historic Montauk Club

Exterior of the Montauk Club in Brooklyn

Though there were many other private social clubs in Brooklyn established around the same time, The Montauk Club is the only one that remains. The Corduroy Appreciation Club held its annual gathering there until the early 2000s. The event was always held on 11/11 because the date resembles the physical look of corduroy.

The club is also a popular location for film and television shoots, appearing in shows like BillionsBoardwalk Empire, and The Knick. See photos from inside and learn more about the Montauk Club here! Keep reading to discover more of the oldest private clubs in New York City!