9. The Lambs (1869)

The Lambs Club

The Lambs is America’s first professional theatrical club. It is named after the English essayist and poet Charles Lambs (1774-1839) who, along with his sister Mary, would frequently host dining salons where creative friends could discuss the arts. After Lambs’ death, a group of English actors and his sister founded a club and named it in his honor.

Today, the club also functions as a historical society and houses fun, unique knick knacks such as speakeasy cards from the Prohibition-era, actors’ railroad tickets from when they would travel to perform, and a fan favorite of the Lambs: a ferocious portrait of the cowardly lion, Bert Lahr, as a clown! Its clubhouse at 3 West Club is shared with the Women’s National Republican Club. Check out photos from Untapped New York’s visit to the Lambs and interview with historian Kevin Fitzpatrick here.