4. Narrowest Residential Building: 75 1/2 Bedford Street 

Edna St. Vincent Millay House, the narrowest in NYC

Located in Greenwich Village, 75 1/2 Bedford Street is just 9.5 feet wide and 30 feet deep. It has the distinction of being the narrowest building in the City. An illustrious list of residents has called 75 1/2 Bedford home including Cary Grant, John Barrymore, and William Steig. The house is most commonly associated with the poet Edna St Vincent Millay, who lived there in the 1920s with her husband Eugen Jan Boissevain.

The 1873 house sold for $2.175 million in 2010 and in August 2013 it sold again for $3.25 million. It was most recently listed for sale in 2021 for over $4 million. See the top 5 narrowest buildings in New York City here.