6. It Contains a Secret Luxury Apartment For A-List Guests 

Hidden Roxy apartment at Radio City
Photo Courtesy of MSG Entertainment

The architect of  Radio City Music Hall, Edward Durrell Stone, and its interior designer Donald Deskey, built an apartment inside Radio City for famous entertainer Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel. With the same Art Deco design as can be seen in the rest of the theater, the apartment was the perfect place to entertain the greats of Hollywood’s golden era.

Visitors to the apartment included well-known names like Alfred Hitchcock, Samuel Goldwyn, and Olivia de Havilland. As reported by Atlas Obscura, with “20-foot high ceilings covered in gold leaf, and walls decorated floor to ceiling with plush drapes, Roxy’s apartment was as mesmerizing as his opulent stages shows below.” The apartment has been left exactly as it was in 1936. You can see it for yourself on a Radio City Stage Door Tour.