9. Train of Many Colors

nostalgia train
Image courtesy of the New York Transit Museum, Nostalgia train from 2018

Only in New York can a vintage subway train double for a festive holiday display! This year, the New York Transit Museum’s Holiday Nostalgia Rides are made extra festive by the curation of the “Train of Many Colors.” This train is made up of a selection of cars manufactured in the 1960s. There are “redbirds,” “Green Machines”, blue-and-silver “Platinum Mist” cars, and a striking two-tone robin’s egg blue and cream “Bluebird” car. The vibrant cars all represent different eras of subway history.

You can see the rainbow of cars pass by, or hop on for a ride, on December 11th and 18th along the 1 line from 10am to 5:30pm. All you’ll need is regular subway fare. Be sure to check the museum’s website for exact stops and times.