4. There was a Fulton Market Fish Museum

Sea urchin at Fulton Fish Market

One of the most theatrical sellers in the Fulton Fish Market was Eugene Blackford. Blackford likely developed his penchant for salesmanship and showmanship working for department store magnate A. T. Stewart. Near his stall at the Fish Market Blackford displayed strange and exotic fish that attracted customers. Near his office, on the second floor, he created the Fulton Market Fish Museum.

In the museum, Blackford displayed all sorts of aquatic oddities. There was a bright green parrot fish, the head of a giant turtle, an iguana, and a lung-nosed gar, among other specimens. Blackford would go on to help found the New York Aquarium at Castle Clinton in Battery Park in 1896. He also helped to create New York State’s Hatchery Station at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island,