6. The Tin Building was rebuilt, twice

Tin Building

One of the historic former homes of the Fulton Fish Market, the 1907 Tin Building, has been rebuilt, twice. After eight years of construction, the Tin Building reopen in the summer of 2022 as a culinary market and dining hall curated by chef Jean-Georges. This is the second resurrection of the Tin Building, as it was rebuilt before, in 1995 after a fire.

In 2016, the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved plans to relocate the building, moving it thirty-three feet away from its original spot. Hamilton Grange, the former home of founding father Alexander Hamilton, is the only other building the Landmarks Preservation Commission has allowed to be moved. Ninety-two pieces of the original structure, which was made of wood and corrugated sheet metal, were used in the SHoP Architects-designed replica, which is made of mostly new materials. The building will also be raised six feet to prevent it from flooding.