Kykuit estate

The Hudson Valley is full of incredible estates and historic houses. You may have previously seen our coverage of Kykuit: The Rockefellers’ Gilded Age Gem in the Hudson River Valley and The Ruins of Northgate, the Cornish Estate in the Hudson Valley. Presented below are thirty sites scattered throughout the Hudson Valley. These Hudson Valley estates were home to artists, presidents, and robber barons and tell the story of the United States (and New York) from its humble Dutch origins through the Revolutionary War and well into the Victorian Era. These Hudson Valley estates will keep you busy for years to come between attending guided tours and wandering around acres of idyllic landscapes.

30. Lyndhurst

A masterpiece by Alexander Jackson David, Lyndhurst was originally constructed in 1838 for William Paulding, Jr., a former mayor of New York City. The Tarrytown, New York estate is considered to be one of the finest Gothic Revival mansions, and likely the most famous of the Hudson Valley estates. Its current incarnation is the result of Jay Gould, the railroad tycoon, and his daughters who were the final owners of the estate before it was donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

After the mansion was acquired by the Trust it was opened to the public. It has also been used as a setting in a number of films and television shows including HBO’s The Gilded Age and Winter’s Tale. A long-abandoned bowling alley on the property was recently restored and is now open for private events!