5. Spend Christmas Day Exploring Grand Central Terminal

Giant wreath on the front of Grand Central Terminal which goes up every year for the holidays in NYC

Ready to start a new tradition? This year, you can spend part of Christmas Day uncovering the  Secrets of Grand Central Terminal. You’ll get to admire the giant wreaths and twinkling lights of the terminal’s holiday decorations while learning about the history of this Beaux-Arts masterpiece.

Tour the Secrets of Grand Central

Grand central aerial

Led by a licensed and expert New York City tour guide, you will uncover hidden features of the building like the private tennis courts on the third floor, the glass walkways accessible only to employees, the secret staircase hidden in plain sight, a major design flaw in the main concourse and much more! For commuters who pass through the station every day, people who have never even visited, and everyone in between, all are sure to learn something new and surprising.