12. Domino Sugar Factory

Domino Sugar sign
Photo by Wes Tarca

Brooklyn’s famous Domino Sugar Factory is currently in the midst of a transformation. The former refinery, which shuttered in 2014, is the heart of a 6.6-acre waterfront park, Domino Park. Further development by Two Trees Management will create a mixed-use neighborhood around it. The original Domino Sugar sign which was installed on one of the now demolished structures was luckily saved during the renovations, but that’s not the sign you see glowing above Brooklyn today.

The sign, which has been a fixture of the factory since the 1920s, was removed in 2014. Looking to the original sign for design elements and working with signage specialists, Two Trees had a replica sign built that is more energy efficient, brighter, and long-lasting. The sign’s yellow letters stretch 43 feet 6.5 inches tall and 65 feet 8 inches wide.