3. Wrought iron details on the buildings hint at their purpose

Greenwich House Music School
Image Courtesy of Greenwich House

Since its opening in 1902 at 26 Jones Street, Greenwich House has undergone many physical evolutions. At one point, Greenwich House owned or occupied all of the buildings at 16, 18, 26, 28, and 30 Jones Street. The first additional building opened in 1913 at 46 Barrow Street. This building was added to house the rapidly growing music school and still serves as the music school to this day. In 1917, a new headquarters was built at 27 Barrow Street. In 1928, the House expanded again, this time to 16 Jones Street where a Workshop Building was established. This is where the pottery program operates today.

If you pay attention, there are architectural features on the Music School and Workshop Building that hint at their purpose. On the wrought iron window gates of the Music School, there are large treble clefs and tiny music notes. On the Workshop Building, the gates feature various hand tools like a saw and hammer, tools that would have been used by students as they learned various handicrafts and vocational skills such as woodworking and stone carving.