3. Little Neck is a small, unofficial Chinatown


Over the last decade or two, Little Neck has become its own small and unofficial Chinatown. According to the 2018 Community Health Profile for Little Neck and Bayside, the neighborhoods are 43% Asian, a majority of whom are Chinese. A number of Chinese eateries and shops have opened along Northern Boulevard over the last few years, covering different regions of China and Taiwan.

Sweet Wonton House

Little Neck is home to Cantonese restaurants like Moo Shu Duck, a tiny hole-in-the-wall eatery notable for its Peking duck, noodle soup with thin egg noodles, and fried flounder. Sweet Wonton House, which opened in 2022, offers classic Cantonese steamed rice rolls, clay pot rice dishes, and a variety of dim sum. LN1380, one of Little Neck’s newer eateries, serves modern Cantonese fare like dim sum, conch with oyster mushroom, and soy sauce chicken.

Nearby Northern Manor, currently undergoing renovations, offers more traditional fare like steamed scallops and frog legs. Shanghainese cuisine is also popular in Little Neck, with long-time favorite Little Dumpling offering classics like crab soup dumplings, stir-fried eggplant, and Lion’s Head meatballs.