10. New York City Namesakes

Martin Luther King Jr. High School in NYC

New York City has shown its appreciation and admiration for King in the 54 years since his death. Probably the most well-known King namesake in the City is Martin Luther King, Jr. High School by Lincoln Center, across from LaGuardia High School. The Bloomberg administration closed the school and reopened it as seven schools in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Campus.

Other City landmarks that bear King’s name include the Martin Luther King, Jr. Towers, a NYCHA complex in East Harlem that houses over 3,000 residents, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center and Martin Luther King Triangle park space in the Bronx, and Manhattan’s 125th Street, which is co-named Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (one of 730 American streets named for King).

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This article was written by Janos Marton