10. Edgar Allan Poe Street and other Dedications

A green Edgar Allan Poe St. street sign

In 1980, the City memorialized Poe’s presence in the area by renaming West 84th Street, from Riverside Drive to Broadway, Edgar Allan Poe Street.

A plaque at The university Church that says a bell was renamed Old Edgar Allan in honor of the poet

This plaque can be found at Fordham University whose church bell is thought to have inspired Poe’s poem, “The Bells.” The 19th-century bell, now in storage, was renamed Old Edgar Allan in Poe’s honor.

A painting of the Poe Cottage in a mural at Grand Concourse in the Bronx

Even street art decorating the Grand Concourse in the Bronx commemorates Poe’s connection with the borough, depicting Poe’s cottage.

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This article was originally written by Benjamin Waldman and updated by Nicole Saraniero