2. 85 West Third Street, Formerly Amity Street

85 West Third Street, a replica of the facade of Edgar Allan Poe's home

When Poe returned to New York City in 1844, he lived in a variety of different places. One was a boarding house at 130 Greenwich Street. Another was a row house at 85 West Third Street, or Amity Street as it was in Poe’s time. The original structure no longer stands, but a replica of the facade can be found half a block away amongst the new buildings of NYU’s law school.

The facade, which is made up of all-new materials. was a compromise between preservationists and the University. Inside, a remnant of the original banister from Poe’s home has been preserved and members of the public are allowed to visit during a designated time. After moving around downtown, the Poes headed north to cleaner country air for the health of Poe’s ailing wife Virginia.